Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DIY Chocolate!!

I'm convinced that DIYva Designs has single handedly made the DIY phenomenon popular! OK, maybe that's a reach, but when did DIY become so huge?! Lately, everyone is advocating the DIY approach and we LOVE it!

The latest and most relevant DIY fad I'm obsessed with is chocolate! Since the holidays are coming up and we'll all start shopping for creative gifts and consuming tons of chocolate, I thought this one would be a good idea to blog about. Brought to you by Chocri, I am happy to introduce the customized chocolate bar! Just log onto their site, pick your canvas / choice of chocolate and add ingredients! You can add nuts, spices and even decor like real gold flakes to your chocolate bar.
Not so creative? It's ok, because there's a recommendation page, that gives you great ideas on how to create a delicious bar! Here's a sample!

+ Milk and White Chocolate
+ Mango Cubes
+ Chives
+ Real Gold Flakes
+ Walnuts

Need a better reason to indulge? Well, how's this? "All customized chocolate bars are hand-made with fair trade, organic chocolate from Belgium. Our dark chocolate is vegan, and all chocolate is kosher certified. Also, we donate 1% of every purchase to the charity DIV Kinder, an organization that supports kids on the Ivory Coast, where a majority of cocoa comes from. " (Directly from Chocri's website)

So go on, get creative, and make yourself (or someone you like enough) a delicious chocolate bar!


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