Friday, September 24, 2010

Buh-Bye Treadmills, Hellllo Chair Dancing!

Let’s face it- exercising stinks!! The majority of us don’t want to go for a run or bore ourselves to tears on the elliptical. But thankfully, there are some great alternatives to your mama’s work out! Some of my personal faves:

ZUMBA: It is all the rage now, and women of all ages are shedding off the pounds while having a blast. A fusion of Latin rhythms, from meringue to salsa to cha-cha, one Zumba class will leave you feeling energized, addicted, and like a pro-dancer!!! Zumba is offered at most gyms now, and even at community centers and YMCA’s for those gals on a budget.

HOT YOGA: Okay, I admit, this is definitely not actually one of MY personal faves, but it seems to be super popular right now. With the temperature turned up to almost 110 degrees, the aim of “hot yoga” is to sweat out all the body’s toxins, and make the body very “hot” which apparently makes for a more flexible bod. However, with this being my FIRST yoga experience ever, I was a bit overwhelmed (and didn’t appreciate my soaking wet hair at the end of the class which prevented me from going to happy hour). Needless to say, a seasoned and semi-experienced “yogi” might have more appreciation than this newbie.

CHAIR DANCING: Chair dancing and pole dancing are becoming more and more popular with even housewives and politicians signing up for classes. A group of friends and I took a private class with the fabulous Cyentra from “Behind Closed Doors” (check out their facebook) and had so much fun, we didn’t even realize what a workout we were getting until the next morning when our stomachs felt like they belonged to Denise Austin. Anyway, it’s a great time and an even better workout because it incorporates every part of the body (plus you dance in heels!).

POST BY: Olivia Griggs of DIYva Designs, LLC

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