Friday, June 18, 2010

Guest Post: 5 A Day?

The "going green" phenomenon is spreading like weeds. I must admit, it's beginning to grow on even the most resistant (like myself) and new ways to participate in the movement are sprouting up faster than I can come up with these annoying puns! The trend has even crept its way into the realm of event design in the form of beautiful vegetarian flower arrangements without a conventional flower in sight!
I'm not talking tacky fruit kabobs sticking out of half of a watermelon here, but fruits and veggies are still a genius medium for decor. You can still sustain the environment without sacrificing style and making your event look like a salad bar. Plus, who doesn't love the idea of guests being able to eat part of the mess as they leave?!
Look closer, this arrangement is made of only vegetables! The "mums" and greenery are leeks, the "paintbrushes" are green onions, "roses" are rutabagas and the turnips, yup, carrots! If you want something a little less time consuming, try this one, which is just as beautiful, but a much simpler arrangement.
These are not only a way to recycle, reduce and reuse, but they're unique and affordable.
Pre-made arrangements are pricey, but artichokes aren't and it's simple to make them beautiful without the help of a florist and without shelling out big bucks.

Consider this for your next daytime occasion. Create a fruit/veggie arrangement and insert a recipe that incorporates those ingredients found in the piece. That way, when your guest takes it home, they can have a wilted salad as opposed to wilted flowers.

No mess, no waste, just a beautiful decoration that helps you stay green without spending much green, and still making all your friends green with envy at the thought of your creativity!
**This post was contributed by Talar Hovnanian. If you want more details on how to be a guest blogger, email us at**


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