Thursday, May 20, 2010

What are you reading?

I love to read. I have this vision of a me about five years from now, laid up in an all white library; every wall filled with books. I am sitting in a swing that I have built into the center of this library, one that resembles a hammock, and I swing slightly as I get lost in a literary nirvana, free of the world for a hew hours each day. I love memoirs, fiction love stories, science fiction with unicorns, dragons, and yes, vampires. The book I just read was called 'Some Girls', by Jillian Lauren. She tells of her travels to Brunei, as a 'special guest' of Prince Jefri, the youngest brother of the Sultan. High class whoredom at it's best, but she is brutally honest and sooooo fun to read, that you can't even judge her. Plus she is a Leo like me so our energy is so similar it's unnerving. The book starts off with Jillian telling us about her adoptive parents, how lost she subconsciously feels--without dwelling on it at all, and how she ended up in a harem in Brunei, where the Prince spoiled his 'favorite' girls with ridiculous gems and shopping sprees that make you wanna kick, punch, AND slap your mama. I read with overwhelming vigor, as she went on a journey to finding herself, although she was, from the beginning, an exceptional person.  I knocked it out in two days, (my usual for one of those Can't -Put- It- Downers), after reading every night until my eyes betrayed me and sleep prevailed.
Anyway, it's a new release, and I'm sure it will be a Bestseller. I want to be one of the first million people to give her a promo on the blog. Go Jillian!

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  1. So glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the props! What a delightful blog.


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