Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tech-y Thursday!

Ok, we are sooo not starting Techy Thursday, but I thought it was appropriate because it's Thursday and I'm posting about a gadget. Oh, and I LOVE alliteration...if you haven't noticed.

So I'm basically obsessed with the new, re-vamped Polaroid camera that takes instant business card size color photos! Imagine the possibilities! I've always loved the urgency of Polaroid cameras because I am by no means a patient person, but their weird shape and no option to capture color, I could have definitely done without. Voila, here's the answer! How cool is the retro mod design?!

My Birthday's on May me to find out where you can send it! Just kidding, but seriously...
Oh and Happy Birthday to my sister, who's turning 23 today!! Told you this blog is about EVERYTHING!

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