Monday, April 12, 2010

Obama Bracelet.

So I had some newspapers all wrapped up in clear plastic airless bags. They were from the night Obama won the Presidency, and the next morning I rushed like everyone else to find a newspaper. But what to do with the newspaper once you have it? I don't care to tatter the pages 45 years from now as I try to show my grandchildren that I, like everyone else who's old and flatulent like me  (I totally think I will be a flatulent old lady. Stylish, but very flatulent.)-----anyway they won't care. But if I can pass down THIS:
No, silly, not this, see below what I did to this bracelet using my cherished Obama newspaper clippings....

After like six more layers of acrylic finish paste this bracelet will be fool-proof. Water-resistant too. Loves It!!
We are getting booked left and right for 'things'---a cake here, a painting there, a full event here, day-of wedding services there---but I love you and I will update Sugar and Art at LEAST twice a week. Tell your friends about us, will ya! Muah!

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