Monday, March 15, 2010

Nina Friday, on a Monday:)

I've got the Mondays. And that is a good thing. Think of Monday as the beginning of a new week and a chance for a new you. You can make a new list of objectives, and tingle as you cross them off upon completion. You can be productive all week and plan an exciting weekend if you so choose!

Here is a bit of inspiration. At least, it inspires me because I'm already in my art studio working on a custom painted bag someone pre-ordered. I can't WAIT to get our Etsy shop up and running.

Anyway, like I was saying; since it's rainy again today, I will post some work of an artist I find fitting to the weather, Nina Friday . <---Check out her shop. She has a goth touch about her portraits (made-up women, like my Le Salon Rouge line)---and I LOVE the feel of their eyes:

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