Monday, March 8, 2010

DIYva Re-Vamp: Entertainment Center!

Hey Sweets!
So if you must know; all weekend I did the following:
  1. Ate a tremendous amount of food at a friend's cookout (and brought some home to continue the gluttony.)
  2. Cried about a leak in the kitchen ceiling. No, seriously; I cried.
  3. Had a productive meeting with Nar about some marketing initiatives for DIYva Designs
  4. Went Rollerblading with Thing 3. He did not know how to Rollerblade and it was funny up until the point when he had a knot on his head. I felt like a kid again!
  5. This:

Though it is not her native habitat, Thing 2 has a fine time climbing into tiny spaces. This is a plain old boring TV Stand we had ours lamely mounted on. It was so boring it brought every movie rating down a star. (So that means 'The Box' gets -0 Stars.)---

So I threw on my way too sexy for you oil and paint stained bubble coat and took this jammy on the back porch:

After that, Thing 1 put on her serious glue-smoothing face and went to town with me pasting little colorful tiles all over the top. The red spray paint that is embedded in my right hand is probably deep in my bloodstream right now; its from two days ago and I can't get rid of it!

Then I put some Modge Podge all over the top. (I use that and hot glue on Everythang, everthang? EVERYthang!) Then I added some pics of the hubby and my favorite actors and actresses of all time.
This is what we've got now:
Once it dries it's ready for use! I can't wait to show you the invitations I am working on for a bride, and the new projects I am slinging this week. But for right now; GOOD NIGHT!


  1. Now that is so me. I love the colors and the fact you didn't just leave it black. Interesting theme too. I love it sweetie!

  2. I love it...... I need something like that for my house

  3. you sure are creative V! I'm trying to get like you :-)

  4. You did a good job personalizing your TV stand. I love the vintage-ness of the colored tiles.


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