Friday, March 5, 2010

Do You Smell What the Piebird is Cooking?!

Ok so I am totally in a bath and body mood; I will give my rock-hard feet a nice sanding (where's my husbands tool-kit when I need it!)-----and just make myself feel downright pretty. We all deserve it sometimes! (Especially those of us who have to wear dark polish because we have paint caked up under our nails----oh, you can't relate---uh, me either....)

Well I found that one of our Enthusiasts; Pie Bird (Katy) makes organic soaps and lip balm. So's not enough for Katy to have a sweet, relaxing blog, she had to go and make some daggone soap and lip balm to go with it!? I loves it. Check her out, and follow her blog , too. Well I think some pure soap and lip balm would make my day complete right now....

Oh BTW I am a chocolate FIEND so this is right up my alley. I wonder if it TASTES like chocolate. Then I'd be in trouble. But wouldn't these make fine favors for a wedding or bridal shower? 

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  1. You are awesome! Thanks so much for the blog love :) As a sidenote - love the recent orange/gray post - we're using those as our colors for a big fundraising party at work and they are just lovely together & seem so fresh. Happy Monday!


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