Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowed in Shmowed in.

Oh yes, dearies. I am one of those unfortunate Marylanders who are stuck in the house due to the disrespectful amount of white stuff piled in front of our house.

I will not pretend I like snow. I do not dream of frolicking in that cold, wet mass of deceptively beautiful flakes. (And the occasional yellow spot from a neighbor's pooch---or maybe a neighbor.) I do not laugh when pelted in the upper torso with a malignant tumor of snow, nor do I lay in it and thrash my hands and feet about in an attempt to form angels. Count me out. It is my destiny to live somewhere tropical and tan without trying until my skin becomes a leather jacket that I wear year-round!

Soooo I went to the Amish Market yesterday and when I say I bought everything in sight, I did just that. It was my first time there, as we like to shop at Wholefoods for our chicken and fish---and I'm hooked! I made the mistake of going when they first opened up, and I mean the smell of fresh baking bread drew me in like a recovering addict in Michael Jackson's medicine cabinet. So here I am with a house full of freshly made organic food; pumpkin rolls with fresh cream, banana bread, cinnamon bread, apple crisp pie, fresh churned ice-cream, all the meat a family of carnivores can eat, and a stock cabinet full of Apple Beer. (You've GOT to try that stuff!) I have enough carbs in here to make weight watchers jump off a cliff.

Alright; I'm off to gain a few pounds as I lay about watching movies! I'll have a cool artsy post for you tomorrow, I'm working on something....! 

I wish this was my front door, lol. But it's not I found this image on

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