Sunday, January 24, 2010

Who is this chick?

Who the hell am I? Hard to explain. I am a chameleon; an ever-changing orb of human creativity; a painter, singer, writer, and designer.

I started painting in 2003 while in my senior year in high school when I had an art teacher who saw me draw a damn circle and said: "draw yourself." I looked at her like she surely had two heads and only I could see them. Well, out of nothing but curiosity, I came back the next day with a picture of myself. I was like, " what?" She told me to see myself, as a continuum of tiny lines that met in different places, all over the paper. She sectioned off my blank canvas and told me to see the picture in sections. It took about a week, but I concentrated and above was the outcome; a portrait of me, huge man-hands and all.

Then I took to painting, and taught myself light values, and all that other crap I do not know the technical names for; I just do it. Art is simply something you see, whether in the mind, or with the eyes, dissected, and put together in manifest form with your voice, hands, feet or what have you. ANYONE can be an artist. What is YOUR medium?

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