Thursday, January 28, 2010

Three Doggone Weeks?!

I DID tell you I had to plan and execute my wedding in three weeks right?! -----I may as well tell you how we ended up at the Millenium Hotel in Times Square for a week, all expenses paid, getting married in Grand Central Terminal......Now stay with me. I am trying to avoid a more fissiparous means of telling you our wedding story; you at least need the back story, and I am about to type fast (picture me talking fast instead:) Here goes:

I know this really cool, well connected non-profit executive named Jessie, who knows this lady who happened to be a casting director for a Nancy Glass Productions show that would be on TLC called "Married in Manhattan." My fiance and I were planning a summer wedding, but upon hearing the words "free", "wedding" and "Manhattan" in the same sentence we were like "Hell to the Yeah!" SOOOOO we sent in an application video where we talked about ourselves, how we met, yadayada, and the TLC executives liked us so the next thing we knew, we had THREE WEEKS to plan and execute an all-expense paid wedding ceremony in NY~:)
Are you still with me?! --Good.
My first step was to figure out what I wanted, I told you I settled on a vintage theme, but I wanted the colors peach, deep plum, and gold accents. I made my favors the week I found out, by setting my friend Monica up around my dining room table with her children in an assembly line. ("Never would have made it"...(you don't know that gospel song ? lol? That's how I felt!)-------
The next step was to hike to NYC with my bridesmaids, to find the material for my dress. I had Savannah DeVore from NYC creating a custom dress out of Peach Raw Silk and organza overlay. I saw a bride in a dress Ms. DeVore made and I mentally hired her way back then, lol. I also wanted some flowers I drew to be the decal all down the front of the dress, with a swarovski crystal in the center of the ones about my waist.
So we walked around NYC Fabric District for EIGHT HOURS that Saturday, me and my soldierettes, looking for the needed materials to make our headpieces and my dress; feathers, rhinestones, haircombs, fabric and trim---it was the longest (and most fun)---day yet.
I ended up making the bridesmaids headpieces and my veil the night I returned home. (I was that excited lol)--- I used some peacock feathers, which would accent my color scheme perfectly and give it the old Hollywood flair that I was going for, raw silk; starched to harden, and some fancy feather and gem stone finds. They all varied slightly, depending on their hairstyles. For me (below, I used the same theme, with a larger flower petal arrangement and a variation in the peacock feather colors. :)

It was a long damn night, let me tell you; but worth every moment, and every hot-glue singed forefinger!

I can't WAIT to unveil (no pun intended) the designs I have in mind for my DIYva Designs clients! A recent client had me hand-make her veil and bouquet (I'll post it soon:)-----and I think you will LOVE it.

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