Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh Bonzie Crotty Designs, Marry me!

I don't know about you but I have every mind to look like someone who walked straight out of the 2009 Valentino Spring Collection this year. Yet, some minute part of me would prefer NOT to be looking so chic in the bread line, because that's EXACTLY where I would end up! I think I may have just quenched my thirst for the unattainable: because I have found a designer who is just as talented as the biggest names in the biz, and on her way to being one of them!

Ok now get ready for my next tid-bit of fashion marrow for your hungry bones: you will LOVE the designer I am about to turn you on to. Her designs are handmade from the finest materials, worth every penny, and sure to turn heads if you rock her designs.
Bonzie Crotty ,an Irish Designer, makes the most ridiculously sensationsal corsets, (if you LOVE some tight jeans with a sexy corset, YUM)-----and boleros that will look astonishing with your capris this spring! Ooooh I can hardly wait to post pictures. I think my clients will eat this up!!! Can you imagine one of these white boleros over a strapless wedding gown, with a funky birdcage veil?!

So check her out, there is sure to be a little something in your price range! (Oh, and Bonzie herself is a total sweetheart! I also follow her
blog , add it to your daily reads:)

This one is MINE!!!!!!

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